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Manufacture Catalogue
Size of Tire Position P.No. Tread Depth
11R22.5-16PR Trailer A875 10.5mm
11R22.5-16PR All A876 15mm
11R22.5-16PR All A8 16mm
11R22.5-16PR Drive/Close Shoulder A87821mm
11R22.5-16PR Drive/Open Shoulder B87821mm
295/75R22.5-16PR All A876 15mm
295/75R22.5-16PR Drive A878 21mm
315/80R22.5-20PR All A8 16mm
315/80R22.5-20PR All A968 16mm
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Size of Tire Position P.No. Tread Depth
11R22.5-16PR Drive AD778 28mm
11R22.5-16PR Drive AW782 25mm
11R24.5-16PR Drive AD778 28mm
11R24.5-16PR Drive AW782 26mm
11R24.5-16PR Drive AL972 29mm
11R24.5-16PR Drive AL372 32mm
11R24.5-16PR Trailer/AP AZ926 21mm
385/65R22.5-20PR Steer/AP AT557 23mm
425/65R22.5-20PR Steer/AP AT557 23mm
445/65R22.5-20PR Steer/AP AT557 23mm
245/70R19.5 Trailer/AP AS673 16mm
255/70R22.5 Trailer/AP AS673 16mm
275/70R22.5 Trailer/AP AS673 16mm
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Size of Tire
20.5R25 REM2 E3/L3
23.5R25 REM2 E3/L3
29.5R25 REM2 E3/L3
26.5R25 REM9 E4
29.5R25 REM9 E4
29.5R25 REM10 E3+/L3+

Our products include Joyall and Arisun commercial tires, as well as Double Coin OTR tires.

The services we provide are:

  • Service calls (during or after business hours)
  • Flat repairs
  • Change over
  • Dismount
  • Remount
  • Patches
  • Tire Plugs
  • Rim Clean
  • Tire Rotation
  • Valve Stems
  • Road side assistance
  • Monthly Yard Checks